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Opening to Bojack Horseman - Netflix Original Series

Watch this right now on Netflix instant!! All of us at Shadow Machine made it real good ‘n nice for you cuties to enjoy!



Have you guys been marathoning Bojack Horseman yet on Netflix?!!!

Also my dreams came true when I got to make this Beyoncé design and turnaround!! This was right after I had spent many hours on the visual album inspired Yoncé poster (also on my tumblr) so I had her spirit already in my heart and soul :’-} I will continue to draw U 4ever, my sweet Bey !


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Please help the protesters in Ferguson continue to stand up to oppression from the police.  It is a war zone over there each night and those of us with full time jobs can take our feelings of frustration and concern and direct them into positive outlets by donating to the following.  It’s time to act and help as much as possible!  Here are great links, thank you for the compilation femalevillain:


hey here’s some helpful links to help ferguson and mike brown’s family:

bail and legal fund for protestors in jail in ferguson:

make paypal…

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looseshannon said: Hey Phylicia! I saw your gluten comic via Lisa Hanawalt's facebook and it is amazing. I recently had to quit gluten too and feel the same way! I thought your name sounded familiar then I remembered a while back my friend Smo commented on my instagram saying that we look alike! Anyways, love your work! :)

Hey Shannon!  Thanks for the sweet message!  That’s also awesome that we know the same people too, haha!  And I’m sure you feel the same pain of letting go of glorious sandwiches and awesome pastries.  Um also, your blog/fashion/stuffed animals are super great!!! Perhaps one day we can eat a gluten free pizza together and talk about vintage clothes…!  (I did a creepy thing and drew it happening)

True story

Animation Inspiration Week - Pt. 4

Ok, this is the last one I’ll post!

Sally Cruikshank has made a huge impression on me and I absolutely adore her work!  When I was preparing to make my senior film in college, I was getting swept up in the intensity of watching old Looney Tunes and feeling overwhelmed by how great it looked and how I wanted to animate that great too.  I got to present my film idea to a visiting professor and he suggested that making a great film doesn’t require perfect animation, but a memorable experience.  He suggested I look up some work by Sally Cruikshank and it totally changed my whole world.  I was so excited to check out the work of a female animator who seemed to have a similar way of thinking as myself.  She is a mega badass and I would watch this interview often to remind myself that animation is a gateway for fantasy to come alive and how special and unique that is.  I’ve always tried to embrace that idea ever since. 

If you have never seen it, watch Quasi at the Quackadero as well, it’s outstanding!

Animation Inspiration Week - Pt. 3

Again another obvious one but how can I not !!!!  I’ll try to keep this one brief, but basically fast forward to me being in college and rewatching Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the first time since I was a child.  This was my first moment as a brand new animator in which I felt absolutely insignificant with my abilities and was totally floored by the quality and excellence of the animation in this film.  I was really processing how much I had to learn and how I needed many more years of practice and hard work to even come close to this level.  And live action blended perfectly with great characters!!!  I can’t even express how much I love it.  It’s perfect in my eyes.  My favorite movie ever.  Go watch it if you’ve never seen it !!!!  You will never regret it!

PS: Shout out to Richard Williams, u da man.  I got to see him speak twice and it was great, and also reminded me that he is also one of those obsessive artists who spent his career constantly trying to improve his skill and never really feeling like he did good enough when actually it’s pretty bonkers.  I feel him on that one except for the bonkers part.  I still have plenty to learn.  Although I refuse to animate on 1’s like he suggests, he has definitely schooled me on a lot of stuff and I’ll appreciate that 4eva!

PPS:  I call him Richie Willz in my head but I thought that would be unclear for someone who might possibly read my ramblings

Animation Inspiration Week - Pt. 2

Ok I keep going with obvious ones but they are inspiring for a reason!  My love for the first decade of the Simpsons is so deep that I think I love it as much as I love certain people in my life.  Since around age 8, my mom and I would watch the syndicated episodes every night and the new ones every Sunday, so 6 days out of my week had some Simpsons in it.  It wasn’t till around 2005 when my mom and I both felt like we couldn’t enjoy the new episodes anymore because they just didn’t have the same magic.  I think it’s worth adding that I loved the Simpsons so much that despite watching it daily, the first video I ever tried to download on Kazaa (haha) was the Mojo the helper monkey episode (“Girly Edition”) and spent all day downloading it. Of course, when I tried to watch it, it turned out to be a porn of a lady masturbating. This was a completely horrifying moment in my youth and made me have my first little panic attack.  Life lesson 2 self: the internet is scary!  And full of porn.  

Anyway, my mom would get me a DVD box set of one season every Christmas when those finally came out.  Watching them when I was older helped me appreciate them so much more because I was finally understanding adult jokes that had previously gone over my head.  When I watch my DVDs even now I have big wide eyes and cackle wildly like a cuckoo head like it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it, even though it’s probably the millionth time.  I’m pretty sure a lot of people feel this way though!  To me the humor and character acting in this show are so excellent, and it has definitely shaped the way I approach animation and humor in general.  In my mind nothing will ever match the perfection of the first 10 years of this show ! 

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